Donate to the Brevard Alzheimer's Foundation, Project R.E.L.I.E.F. of Brevard, and Safe-Ride Senior Transporation.

All of your donations go to scholarships for clients who cannot afford necessary services elsewise. Your donation is secure, and you will be able to write who the donation is "in Memory of".

Annual Fund

The Annual Fund includes gifts that are made in response to the Annual Fund solicitation to underwrite budget. The Annual Fund request normally goes out near the end of the calendar year, but gifts can be given at any time. The annual fund is the cornerstone of the fund raising program. People make philanthropic gifts for many different reasons. However they are normally moved to give by the urgency of the community's needs. In addition, they will give because they respect the organization's commitment to carry out programs that are responsive to the needs that are central to its concern. However, an important axiom in fund raising, "People will not give simply because the organization needs money. People do not give to people. They give to people with causes. To this piece of wisdom can be added another: "They give to people who ask on behalf of causes."

Friends of "The Club"

A new way to give in 2017-2018! Friends of the "The Club!"

Many funding sources, state, federal and insurance based have disappeared in the last 3 years causing us to tighten our budgets, reduce scholarships to those that are the neediest. Won't you help support "The Club?" These funds will stay in the day room and be used for scholarships, activities, furniture, repairs, gardening, entertainment, arts, crafts, and supplies. Friends of the "The Club" is featured in the monthly "Club News".

  • Visionary $5,000 - Four Club t-shirts, team entry in golf tournament or cycle, $1,000 in car tickets, Two dinner tickets Heels & Wheels

  • Champion $1,000 - Four Club t-shirts, team entry in golf tournament or cycle event, $500 in car tickets

  • Leader $500 - Four Club t-shirts and team entry in golf tournament or cycle event

  • Hero $250 - Club t-shirt and single entry in golf tournament or cycle event

  • Friend $100 - Annual Club t-shirt

Planned Giving

Bequest giving incorporates a lifetime of experience. The motivation for a charitable bequest is the belief that the values of an organization align with a donor's own values and that these values should be preserved for the future!

If you are interested in a bequest, life income plan, or cash donation - please call the Melbourne Office at 321-253-4430 or call the law offices of David Slonim 321-757-5701.

Giving Tree

The Giving Tree is a great way to celebrate life, anniversaries, births or any special occasion. This beautiful hand painted tree is located in the lobby of the Melbourne center. You can honor your loved one by buying a leaf or rock, hand painted with their name and special date. Please contact Tiffani Anderson at 321-253-4430 Ext 105 for more information.

  • "I don't know what I would have done without The Club. I got time back. I got my health and sanity back. It really put caring for my mom back within reality. Because of all the services that the Brevard Alzheimer's Foundation helped us with, she is stable, happier, and healthier than when I initially brought her down. I've been able to keep her at home, which is what we both wanted."

    Lisa Marie
    Caregiver, Melbourne, Florida
  • The Club really changed his life, and helped him until the end. The club not only helped Jack, but me as well. I depended heavily on the support groups, and received support until his passing.

    Sharon Ramsey
    Support Group Facilitator, Melbourne, Florida
  • Fred loved being at the club. He enjoyed people. He didn't like showers and other things but he liked the people who cared for him and really appreciated what you had to do to help him. Thank all of you. You are all doing a good job. We miss him so much but he is at peace at last.

    Melbourne, Florida